What’s on

For families
From spring to autumn a large number of events are held at the Savorgnan Castle and in the area of St.Martino Hill. These events are especially intended for families and children between the ages of 3 and 11: animated readings, theatrical performances and visits, workshops, and more to enhance the Castle heritage in a funny and entertaining way.

A night at the Castle
Don’t miss out this amazing experience! Children between the ages of 6 and 10 will have the chance to explore the Castle in the light of the torches, accompanied by a guide and a children’s entertainer. They will pass the night and sleep all together in the Longobard Tower until breakfast the following morning.

Educational activities for schools
The learning opportunities for schools, which can already be reserved for the school-year 2015/2016, are articulated through three types of routes:

  • Archaeological (which focuses on methods and contents of archaeological and stratigraphic investigations in the area surrounding the hill);
  • Ethnographic and historical (to enhance the Savorgnan Castle and the Church of St.Martino – local history, architecture of the site and social life of the Middle Ages);
  • Artistic (focusing on the knowledge and artistic studies on the finds displayed at the Exhibition and on the frescos of the Church).

The routes, which are structured as actively-joined visits and laboratory activities, can be customised according to users from all school orders.

Guided tours of the Hill complex
There is an extensive range of visits available, with expert guides or educational angle. Durations are variable. In addition to the prearranged dates, groups can ask for further visits by appointment.

Celebration of civil marriages at the Castle
It is possible to contact the Municipality fo Artegna to arrange the celebration of civil marriages.

Use of the halls
The castle can house refreshers and representative meetings: the halls can be booked at the castle food court and to the manager of the exhibition halls, depending on the areas of interest.