Tour packages

The packages are offered by travel agencies and leisure clubs:

  • Religious tourism: sacred art in the piedmont area – 3 days (Artegna, Gemona, Venzone and Buja);
  • Sport and Nature: Mount Faeit’s ring on foot or by mountain bike;
  • Earthquake: the exhibitions about the seismic event and the reconstruction – 2 days (Artegna, Gemona, Venzone and Colloredo di Monte Albano);
  • Food: slow food with the “turnarie” dairies/ dairies in rotation, wine, honey and ham – 2 days (Artegna, Gemona, San Daniele);
  • The Middle Ages: the castles in the East of Friuli and the Longobard Temple – 2 days (Artegna, Attimis, Povoletto, Cividale);
  • For children: Hill of the Castle of Artegna and teaching farms of Montenars – 2 days;
  • Art: the Art of the Medal, the Lombards – 2 days (Artegna, Buja and Cividale).


The excursions can be performed autonomously or with the help of specialized personnel whose contact is provided by our operators:

  • Naturalistic exscursion (in collaboration with the Museum of the Waters of Gemona);
  • Mountain hiking (in collaboration with Società Alpina Friulana);
  • Sightseeing (in collaboration with the regional travel guides).